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*All paintwork comes with a 3-year warranty. Terms and conditions apply.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I schedule an appointment with myTukar?

Simply fill out the form above, and a myTukar representative will contact you within 3 working days to help set up your appointment.

Which makes and models do myTukar accept for their spray paint services?

We accept all car makes and models, both national and international, including Proton, Perodua, Honda, Toyota, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and many more.

How long will the spray paint services take, and how much will they cost?

After your free car inspection, our myTukar representative will be able to provide you with an accurate estimate of the service period and cost.

I did not purchase my car from myTukar. Is it still eligible for the spray paint services?

Yes! We welcome all car owners, regardless of where they purchased their cars, to our myTukar Refurbishment Centres for spray paint services.

My question is not listed here. How do I contact support?
Get in touch with our customer support team at 016-299 6736. We look forward to assisting you!

Terms and Conditions:

1. This discount is only applicable to customers who sign up for it by 15 October 2023 via the link provided by Phei Yong.

2. Upon signing up, this discount will be made available to customers through an email.

3. This discount must be redeemed by 15 November 2023.

4. This discount is only valid if customers complete the following steps by 15 November 2023: bring their car to the myTukar Refurbishment Centre for a free car inspection, book a service slot with a fee of RM500.00, and send their car for the spray paint service at the scheduled time.

5. In the event that customers fail to redeem this discount by 15 November 2023, no refund, rebate, or compensation will be offered.

6. myTukar reserves the right to add, remove, or modify these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.

Signed Up!

A confirmation email with more details will be sent to you within the next hour.

Terma dan Syarat:

1. Diskaun ini hanya sah untuk pelanggan yang telah mendaftar sebelum 15 Oktober 2023 melalui pautan yang diberikan oleh Phei Yong.

2. Selepas pendaftaran, diskaun ini akan dihantar kepada pelanggan menerusi e-mel.

3. Diskaun ini mesti ditebus sebelum 15 November 2023.

4. Diskaun ini hanya sah jika pelanggan melengkapkan langkah-langah berikut sebelum 15 November 2023: bawa kereta ke Pusat Baik Pulih Kereta myTukar untuk pemeriksaan percuma, tempah slot perkhidmatan dengan caj RM500, dan hantar kereta untuk semburan cat pada masa yang dijadualkan.

5. Jika pelanggan gagal menebus diskaun ini sebelum 15 November 2023, sebarang pulangan wang, rebat, atau pampasan tidak akan ditawarkan.

6. myTukar berhak untuk menambah, memotong, atau meminda mana-mana terma dan syarat pada bila-bila masa tanpa sebarang notis.


1. 此折扣仅适用于10月15日之前使用培永所提供的链接来签订的客户。

2. 我们将于签订之际,通过电邮形式向客户提供此折扣。

3. 此折扣必须于2023年11月15日前兑换。

4. 客户必须于2023年11月15日前完成以下步骤,此折扣方才有效:驾驶汽车至myTukar翻新中心进行免费汽车检测,并付费500.00令吉预约服务时段,再于预约时间把汽车送往进行喷漆服务。

5. 若客户无法在2023年11月15日前兑换此折扣,则不会提供任何退款、回扣或补偿。

6. myTukar保留随时添加、删除或修改这些条款的权利,恕不另行通知。